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Tasmania Island off an Island Australia’s smallest state is just 1 percent of the total area of the country, but its coastline, which includes 1000islands, is longer than the coastline of Victoria and New South Wales combined. The sea dominates lifestyle and leisure activities across the state, and features prominently in local literature and art. Historic ports recall early maritime history. Sailing events re-create the excitement of a new arrival. Locals retreat to holiday shacks or remote coastal campsites. And, despite water surface temperature that drops to 12 degrees, fishing, kayaking, sailing, diving, surfing and swimming are year – round pursuits. Despite its enormous beauty, The Tasmanian coastline has not been subject to over –development. Holiday facilities are decidedly low-key, even along the balmy east coast, Tasmania’s preferred coastal retreat, where you are more likely to find 1950s –style shacks and corner shops than high – rise apartments and designer outlets. Perhaps more than any other, Tasmania’s coastline offers genuine and relatively simple opportunities for escape. There are numerous offshore islands, spectacular national parks offering great coastal walking and camping, and large tracts of World Heritage-protected wilderness where development is not even a rumor.


* Note: Room prices change constantly. You should check the latest availability as in many cases the room price can be even lower than the listed price on the LastBeds website.