Swimming with Turtles

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Swimming with TurtlesFor an animal encounter with a unique twist, head to the wetlands sanctuary at Savaii’s Satoalepai village and take the plunge with half a dozen or more green turtles. These majestic prehistoric mammals have been hunted down for their flesh and eggs for year and years – as a result they are now an endangered species.
Fortunately, the good people of Satoalepai have made it their business to give the turtles a new lease of life. They raise them in a part fresh, part-salt water pool and once they’re grown up, they release them back into the ocean, where they prepare for ‘parenthood’. Did you know that these gentle giants can reach a weight of up to 185kg?
The Satoalepai Wetlands is the ideal place to bring your family – the kids will love feeding large tarot leaves to the gentle giants, and swimming amongst them. And while you’re at it, why not stay in one of the over-water fales adjacent to the sanctuary, and take some time to explore the waterways by canoe, and enjoy stunning views of the mountains. If you’d rather swim with green turtles in their natural habitat, the ideal place to do just that is in the ocean around Namua Island, just off the southeastern coast of Upolu.

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