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Spread over seven islands, Stockholm enjoys one of the most stunning locations of any capital city in the world. Over 30% of Stockholm is made up of waterways and another 30% of parks and green spaces.The historical streets and well-preserved buildings of the charming Old Town, the first stop for many visitors, contrast with modern Stockholm where locals live and work. Both, however, showcase the flair the Swedes have always had for design - something they have become globally renowned for.During the summer, Stockholm's chic boutiques and stylish pavement cafés overflow with affluent, fashion-conscious people who enjoy the culture and lifestyle that has earned the Swedish capital rave reviews in Europe's style magazines.When the long winter does come, it is not all Nordic gloom. Stockholm has almost as many restaurants per capita as Paris does, as well as 150 or so museums and galleries. Winter brings its own beauty; many of the waterways around Stockholm freeze, making ice skating a popular activity.

* Note: Room prices change constantly. You should check the latest availability as in many cases the room price can be even lower than the listed price on the LastBeds website.