Port Vila

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Within hours of arriving on Vanuatu’s sunny shores, you will understand completely why this island archipelago was judged the “Happiest place on earth” and is a favourite holiday destination for singles, couples and families.

Not only are the local Ni-Vanuatu people friendlier, but within days you will find yourself leaving your worries behind and making friends with strangers. In fact, you can visit Vanuatu and not return for a year, and be greeted like old friends upon your return.

The People of Vanuatu
The Ni-Vanuatu are genuinely friendly, happy and satisfied with life. With little or no modern convienances such as running water, hot water or electricity, village life is simple, basic and down to earth. The Ni-Vanuatu exist in total harmony with nature without destroying the beautiful environment they live in and live each day to its fullest.

As Westerners, we could learn a lot from a culture where families share and care for each other. Where a community raises a child, supports its adults and cares for its elderly. Where the simple pleasures in life; healthy food, clean air, laughter and singing, unite families.

Things to See and Do in Vanuatu
Life in Vanuatu is simple but not quite primitive. Port Vila, the Capital of Efate, hosts an array of businesses, international banks, money changers, and duty free shops. For those who love to shop, you will find a blend of local and international clothing prints and designs, art work, jewellery, bags and shoes. Visit the Mama’s market and you will personally see the local ladies sewing hand painted dresses and sarongs. Sewn, using only hand operated sewing machines you thought no longer existed in modern society. But of course this is Vanuatu, nothing is too old or wasted here.

Cafes and restaurants provide a local culinary experience, using local produce to create unique island cuisine to suit most budgets. Spend a week or more and eat your way through a variety of international food including; French, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, American, Italian and local fare such as lap lap, coconut crab, seafood and tropical fruit.

Support the local villages and visit the local markets and enjoy the colours, tastes and smells of village grown fruit and vegetables. Your tastebuds won’t know what has hit them when they experience the sweetness and flavour of chemical free, locally grown organic produce.

Hotel and Resort Accommodation in Vanuatu
Looking for the perfect vanuatu accommodation for your holiday? Grab a tent and take a quick boat trip to one of the outer islands like Moso. Visit the turtle hatchery and sponsor the safe return to the sea for an adult turtle. From rustic beachfront holiday cabins and huts made of coral and thatched natangora, to 5 star boutique resorts on islands just off shore or idyllic beaches, Vanuatu has all the style, charm and quirkiness that makes for an unforgettable holiday that suits the budgets of all types of travellers and worldly explorers. Have a look at Vanuatu Accommodation for many accommodation options

Events and Social Activities in Vanuatu
Social life in Vanuatu includes open air movies, casinos, local bars and nightclubs- hosting theme nights, harbour cruises, beach bars and night time sailing tours. In a small town like Port Vila, local expats live by the rule, “Variety is the spice of life” and will invite you to join them as they unwind and relax after their working week.

Local celebrations include Independence week, celebrating Independence from British and French rule in 1980. This is a week long celebration showcasing local organic food, multicultural music, entertainment and activities.

Each July hosts Race week, with a sailing regatta, real horse racing and a Gala charity ball. The Island population consists of many diverse and multicultural societies, making race day one that is definitely, not to be missed.

Melbourne Cup day is also celebrated under the marquis in Port Vila, with live TV feeds, sweeps, fashions on the field and international entertainment. With proceeds and raffle money being donated to local charities, this is a great day out for the ladies, locals and visitors alike.

Islands of Vanuatau
The Islands of Vanuatu are surrounded by colourful coral reefs, deserted beaches and crystal blue waters, sparkling with a clarity that you can only dream of. Wherever you visit in Vanuatu, you will find no two beaches are the same. Each location offers something different. Quiet lagoons where dugongs wallow, black volcanic sands, white sandy beaches, blue holes for snorkelling, waves for surfing, deep water for diving amongst ship wrecks and impressive deep sea boating and fishing.

Vanuatu affects visitors in many ways, and everyone who visits this Island paradise, located so close to Australia, is touched differently by the experience, which is why so many return again and again.

The islands and people of Vanuatu have a charm that you simply won’t find elsewhere. With each visit, you will uncover and discover another amazing aspect of these relatively untouched islands. Each time creating different memories and experiences.

Whether you are looking for an escape from reality, family friendly resorts, children friendly activities, extreme adventures or honeymoon escapes for the newlywed or always wed, this island paradise has something for everyone. All within a few short hours air travel from the east coast of Australia.

Vanuatu is culturally rich, interesting, safe, friendly, affordable and must be experienced to be believed. Vanuatu simply is “The happiest place on earth”.

* Note: Room prices change constantly. You should check the latest availability as in many cases the room price can be even lower than the listed price on the LastBeds website.