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The town is considered the most conservative, and by some the most pious, by others the most fanatic. The city is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.The city is importance as a religious centre is by no means a recent phenomenon and pilgrims have been journeying here for many centuries. However, in the 12th century, as the seat of the Portuguese archbishops, it became established as the religious capital of the country.This rich historical and cultural past has been lovingly well kept, even to the extent that local laws prevent the construction of high buildings in the certain areas so as to preserve the ancient beauty, also it quickly became a spiritual centre and the home for the Catholic Church. Splendid and architecturally interesting buildings still remain to record this period.Famous for its historical buildings, monuments, gardens and fountains Braga is a beautiful city in the heart of the green Minho, The town is also known as the "Portuguese Rome" for its concentration of religious architecture. The city is located in the North of Portugal, the more developed territory. This town is the commercial and business center of the region.

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