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The most attractive of Venezuela is its wide range of natural beauty where contrast diverse landscapes such as the mountain range of the Andes in the west, the almost unexplored jungle in the south, the beauty of the Gran Sabana and the spectacular Angel Falls in the east, and the tropical beaches of the Venezuelan shores.
Venezuela, the “Little Venezia” of America, is a Caribbean country. It lies in the north of South America and is the sixth larger country in the South American continent. Venezuela is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the north, Colombia to the west, Guayana to the east and Brazil to the south.
The major tourist attraction of Venezuela is the Angel Falls or also called Churun Meru by the local natives, that is the highest waterfall in the world. Located in the Canaima National Park, in the Gran Sabana in the Bolivar State, the Angel Falls offers an unique and spectacular experience for the visitors.
Venezuela is a country that has much to offer and a place worth to visit.


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Caracas (officially known as Santiago de León de Caracas) is the Capital of Venezuela and the most populated city all over the country with more than 4 millions of inhabitants. Caracas is the administrative, financial, commercial and cultural centre of Venezuela.

It was founded in 1567 by Don Diego de Lozada, Caracas took an important part in the Latin-American history because it was the place in which the Libertador Simón Bolivar was born. He commanded the Independence War fof about half of South America.

Caracas is located in the Caracas Valley in the Venezuelan coastal mountain range (Cordillera de la Costa) at 900 meters above the sea level. Thanks to its geographical location Caracas is blessed with a pleasant warm climate over the year with a media of 22ºC (72ºF) being considered as the “Eternal Spring city”.

It is the capital of the country and has had an important growing the last 30-40 years, and despite the actual conjunctures, Caracas has much to offer to the tourists, such as exclusive resorts, museums, hotels, attractions that contrast the past with the modernity though natural points where it is possible to appreciate the natural beauty that this country offers.

Isla Margarita

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This beautiful Venezuelan island Isla Margarita is situated in the southeast Caribbean Sea, near to Coche and Cubagua islands, in the northwest part of Caracas and the north of Araya peninsula of Sucre State. The trip from Caracas uses to last for some 35 minutes by air, if you prefer is possible to take a ferry in La Cruz harbor or Cumaná, from there the trip uses to last for a couple of hours. The island constitutes the unique insular state in the country; it is called New Esparta (Nueva Esparta), and has a privileged geographic situation and an especial free harbor condition.

It possesses all the characteristics of an important tourist center; for example, it has luxurious hotels, casinos, national and international food restaurants, boutiques and an attractive nightlife. All these attractions added to its tropical weather have made that this place be known as The Caribbean pearl among Venezuelan and foreigners tourists.

The island played an important role in the story of the Venezuelan independence. Later, it became an important trade center, which was developed thanks to the help proceeding from traveling foreigners, most of them from Spain. It offers to their visitors beautiful beaches of fine sands bordered by palm, traditional towns and very kind people.It constitutes one of the most important tourist destinations in Venezuela, it is a place where any activities can be done, besides this, it can be an interesting starting point to begin with to explore the rest of the country.


Los Ilanos

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This is one of the most beautiful regions that have Venezuela, it is conformed by the plains which are extensive savannas that occupy approximately the 40% of the Venezuelan surface and they extend until reaching the horizon. In this part of the country, the vegetation and the fauna are very varied constituting a very beautiful and awesome landscape.

These immense lands homes an enormous number of ecosystems which at the same time offer the opportunity of appreciating a diverse quantity of landscapes that become this place in a very gratifying experience for the nature lovers and at the same time converts it in an ideal place to the observation of birds, alligators or any cattle activity.


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It is located in the occidental extreme of Venezuela, in the state if Zulia, in the southwest shore of the lake that has the same name (we mean the Maracaibo lake, the biggest in South America). It is the capital of Zulia state and the homonymous municipality.

Maracaibo is also known as "La Tierra del Sol Amada", it is the second biggest city in Venezuela, it has an extension of 557 km2 and a population of 1.3 million of inhabitants. It was discovered on August 24, 1499, by the marine Alonso de Ojeda, companion of Columbus in his second journey.

It is the principal harbour and industrial center of the rich oil basin of Maracaibo, it is a modern and dynamic city that you must visit in order to enjoy all of the charms that it offers.

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