South Korea

South Korea

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South Korea,The quantity of beautiful national parks, remote beaches, islands in the south, and rugged mountain peaks make Korea a stunningly diverse country and one that is great for outdoor adventures,travel,Tradition juts up against technology as skyscrapers and temples coexist. No matter how much you know (or don't know) about Korea’s customs or etiquette, if you arrive here with a friendly smile and a sincere and respectful attitude, you will be welcomed with open arms. Koreans are fiercely proud of their country and have good reason to be.Until relatively recently, Korea was an insular place, existing under dynastic rule for centuries, with hundreds, some say thousands, of invasions over the centuries. However, the 35-year Japanese occupation from 1910, the split of the peninsula after WWII and the subsequent Korean War shattered all that. Difficult times have however made the Koreans a resilient lot, succeeding economically whilst still holding onto their unique traditions and fascinating culture.The demilitarised zone, the border between North and South Korea is an eerie place - the tension is so trumped up it seems it should be a Hollywood film set,hotel reservations, yet there is no denying the barbed wire or the potential attack by the North. In the rest of the country, Korea is littered with fortresses, temples and palaces, many of them UNESCO World Heritage sites, making a trip here rich with discovery,online bookings,


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The seventh largest city in the world, dynamic Seoul is a bewitching mix of ancient and modern. A cutting-edge cityscape of glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers tower over traditional wooden houses with tiled roofs and a maze of cobbled alleys in distinct, village-like districts.

High-tech electronic equipment, neon signs clamouring for attention and glittering designer stores lie around the corner from night markets, ancient palaces and temples. A tributary of the Han River winds through it all, bisecting the city, cooling the hot summers and offering moments of calm away from the crowds. 

Founded 600 years ago by the Joseon dynasty, Seoul has a truly Asian heart (despite American influence and modernisation), which can be seen clearly in its distinctive, aromatic and healthy food, much of it vegetarian.

People still visit traditional tea houses, the five elegant palaces host cultural performances, and the extensive museums and hugely successful contemporary Korean cinema with historic, cultural themes keep the ancient past alive. Seoul was appointed a UNESCO City of Design in 2010 in recognition of its cultural heritage and thriving

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