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From ancient times, Florence was an important city and now we can observe the evidence of all that period of history; Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance therefore it is the most influential in artistic and architectural matters in Europe and across the world; it also has an impact in music, religion, fashion and science. Created by the Romans and extended by the Empire, Florence was a centre for finances and became one of the richest cities. Florence offers a range of options for tourists; its historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is now one of the most desirable places to visit in Europe. Among its touristic attractions we find the Cathedral of Florence, The Gardens in Florence, Museums which feature a wide range of art collections, most of them from the Renaissance Period.For cheap accommodation visit A visit to Florence will provide you with unforgettable experiences, such as the spectacular 360-degree view of the city, after climbing almost 415 steps to the top of the Campanile; Shopping in the most important shops in the world, you’ll find David, the most famous statue of Michelangelo, and other important artworks recognized worldwide. Florence is located in the heart of the region of Tuscany; its territory extends through the River Arno, between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seas. Florence is considered as one of the most populated cities in the country, it is also one of the most important provinces around Italy due to its numerous museums, ancient buildings, squares and shops besides other significant attractions that make Florence one of the most visited places around the globe.


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It is for sure; you have read or heard about the good places to visit in Milan. Like we mentioned before, the Cathedral of Milan, one of the world’s largest churches, is one of the most visited places by tourists who travel to Milan, but there are also others splendid places such as “La Scala”, a famous opera house, “Castello Sforzesco”, an impressive monument and symbol of events along the history of the city, “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II”, a nice place to introduce someone to the city, “Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology” that shows visitors the history of science and technology from the machines of Leonardo da Vinci. A trip to Milan wouldn’t be complete if you didn´t get around shops. The “Quadrilatero d'Oro” known as the Golden rectangle, is the high-fashion center of Italy, so don’t miss the opportunity of walking by. If we are going to talk about parks that allow us to escape the hustle of modern Milan, keep in mind walking around “Parco Sempione” and “Giardini Pubblici”. These are just a few examples of the vast exquisite places Milan can offer you. Are you going to visit Milan? Then you have to know important things about this glamorous city before your arrival. Considered as one of the richest and most fashionable cities in Europe, the delightful city of Milan also has beautiful attractions that fascinate tourists, such as the “Duomo cathedral” and the “La Scala”. One of the most popular activities in Milan is going shopping, but if you want to feel at ease don’t lose the opportunity to walk by its parks, or explore awesome lakes such the “Lake Como”. If you want to enjoy Milan be ready for it, get more information on this city.


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Padua or Padova, is a great place situated in the north of Italy and west of Venice, it is an important economic center and also an important communication center too. Padua has important archeological sites for example the Basilica of San Antonio de Padua where the Portuguese priest died and it was named in his honor.
In World War II the city was heavily raided and later on Padua was reconstructed; now you can visit some of its greatest monuments such as Prato della Valle a square from the Napoleonic era and the Cappella degli Scrovegni where Giotto‘s work is kept and those frescoes are qualified as the best work of the well-known artist. You can visit Palazzo della Ragione the capital in the Middle Ages, and many places more.
Padua is also known as one of the oldest university in the world: The University of Padua, that is, where scientists such as Galileo and William Harvey taught.
It is also known by the name of “without” because:
The homeless ox. – Because when people dig under the university they find a skull of an ox.
The garden without vegetables. – Because there is a center of study of plants in the university, it is so impressive that UNESCO declared it a human patrimony.
The cathedral without end. – Because Santa Giustina Cathedral is not ended yet, because the person who was completing the project did not finish the work due to lack of founds.
The saint without name. – Because San Antonio is just called “The Saint”.
The meadow without herb. – It is because the Prato della Valle, one of the biggest squares in the world, is covered by a swamp and now there you can see the Fair of the Saint.
The banks without water. -because the water was covered in the 50`s.
The coffee without doors. –it is for the Caffè Pedrocch that was open every day and all the days of the week.


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One of the most beautiful cities in Italy is definitely Palermo, it is one of the largest and one of the most important cities in Sicilia; it is the fifth most populated city in Italy after Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin. Palermo is a beautiful touristic city that attracts thousands of visitors each year, perhaps because in Palermo you have more fun than in other Italian cities. History has given Palermo many tourist attractions, this is the reason why Palermo attracts not only people that likes ancient history but also people who want to spend a nice holiday, but if you think that Palermo is an old city without technology and fun places you are definitely wrong because Palermo is a modern city and that is the reason why Palermo is one of the most important cosmopolitan cities in Italy.
Since the prehistoric Palermo was habited, around the mountains you can find paintings that picture how life in Palermo was thousands of years ago. Palermo was founded around the VIII century BC C. by the Phoenicians and its name was Ziz ("flower") and years later, Palermo passed to Carthaginian’s control. There are many testimonies from the Phoenician domination such as the walls of the old cities that remain in some streets of the old town.
If you want to visit Palermo and you think that Palermo is a dangerous city as in the past you don´t have to be afraid as Palermo is a very safe place for visitors and you can enjoy the sights of Palermo getting the best out of this beautiful city before mass tourism destroys its unique character.
Maybe one of the most important cultures that conquered Palermo was the Arab culture. They built many constructions that remain intact up to date. The Arabs occupied the island during the IX and X centuries. After that the Normans made Palermo the capital city of the kingdom of Sicily which achieved its grandeur under Roger II. Roger II was fond of beauty and encouraged the development of Sicilian arts and economy. He ordered the construction of numerous palazzi that are still major attractions in town today.
If you are visiting Palermo city you must see the cappuccino’s catacombs as these are some of the most important places to visit, you can also visit many beautiful churches, the Norman palace and the cathedral, and you can visit the famous Modello beach and finally the international museum of puppets


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When people talk about Italy the first thing that comes to their mind is the leaning tower of Pisa, it is definitely one of the most important tourist attraction in Italy. Pisa is the capital of the province of Pisa; it is located in the Tuscan region of Italy. It was founded in the V century BC by the Etruscans and in the III century BC Pisa was allied with Rome, which is the reason why in 180 BC it was a Roman colony becoming a major naval base called Portus Pisanus. In the XII century Pisa was the main center for commerce in the eastern Mediterranean. Pisa has many important and beautiful monuments, being the most important one the leaning tower of Pisa which was built in the XII century, the tower is 55.8 meters tall and the inclination is about 4 °.
if you think that Pisa has only one leaning tower you may just be mistaking as this city has three leaning towers, the best-known one is the steeple of the cathedral and it is located in the Piazza del Duomo, the second one is the steeple of the church of San Nicola located near Via Santa Maria and the Lungarno, the third one is located near the river Delle Piagge. Home of the famous scientist Galileo Galilei, Pisa is also known for its universities because the city is home of some of the most important universities in Europe.
Pisa has a population of 87,500 residents although Pisa is a small city it has around 20 important tourist attractions some of them are Piazza dei Cavalieri, The church of Santa Maria della Spina, the church of San Pietro in Vinculis, Museo nazionale di Palazzo Reale and d'Arte Palazzo Blu.


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Rome is the perfect combination of the modern and the classical, when one walks around the city on can see many museums, because most of the most famous painters like Carracci, Bronzino, Correggio, Miguel Angel and Raphael are Italian so their painting jobs are at the disposal of everybody in these museums. The History of Rome is very amazing; many people assume that Romulus and Remus were the ones who founded Rome, but this is only a legend, Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire prior to its fall, and this city has seen the boom of Romans. Currently, Rome can see the boom of fashion, because it's considerate as the fashion center of the world of course: after Paris, this is because Rome is the house of many Italian clothing companies which are characterized for making elegant, luxury, glamorous and avant-garde clothes. The eternal city of Rome is the place where the most eminent philosophers and scientists were born because Rome is the cradle of science, culture and of course, art. Since Rome has been founded, it has hosted emperors, kings, illustrious people and currently the most representative figure of the Catholic Church which is the Pope. Looking around Rome one can find some buildings like The Rome Coliseum or the Pantheon, the former is today considered one wonder of the modern world. To visit these places you will need to rent a car and so you can contact Rhino Car Hire Rome in order to make your experience the best. One really doesn't need much money in order to visit Rome; one can find competitive prices if one compare hotels in Rome.One can find a lot of information on the Internet, so that one has the most pleasant experience visiting Rome, one can find maps, information for travelers, places you should not forget to visit and clear information about Rome hotels where one can rest and be safe. Now you have enough information to make up your mind and go to Rome, good luck with the trip. Many people want to travel to Rome, but they think it's too expensive to take a trip but don´t worry: there are many agencies around the world which can offer Cheap flights to Rome. Rome has everything in order to have fun and learn more about the culture. If you decide to come to Rome, you will not regret it.


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Venice is a city shaped over a hundred islands, where they built houses and apartments, which are interconnected with each other by pedestrian bridges. The city is made of canals to take the place of the streets and the water takes the places of traffic, boats take the place of the buses and the bridge takes the place of the subway. 

Visiting Venice is one of the best experiences ever, the streets are like mazes and the most interesting places of the city you can visit by walks or by the famous gondolas, it is also very interesting to visit historical monuments, theaters and shopping areas. Among the outstanding events we can mention: the regatta, art exhibitions, film festivals and the Biennial, musicals and famous carnival. All of these make Venice a place that can be visited any time of the year. Venice is full of restaurants and pubs. Some of them open till late, others have live music; others offer a mixture of beer and snack, there are also those that look like Taverns, and the Irish ones, of course. In Venice there is only one club which is Casanova and also the Municipal Casino of Venice, which is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. Venice, one of the most famous cities in Italy and the world, is a beautiful, interesting, romantic and enthralling place, these are some characteristics that make it one of the best options if you are in Italy. 


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Verona is worldwide famous by its rich culture, heritage and ancient buildings, however people always closely link Verona to "Romeo and Juliet", a tragedy written by Shakespeare. Every year Romeo and Juliet’s houses are visited by a lot of tourists. If you are in Italy you should visit Juliet’s house, located near from Piazza Erbe at number 27 of via Cappello.
Ancient places where Shakespeare's tragedy took place are visible in this city. Tourists can visit the balcony where Romeo declared his love to Juliet as well as other areas in Juliet’s house which date back to the 13th century. Moreover, amazing, architectural features can be appreciated in Juliet’s house such as beautiful trilobate-shaped windows.
Traveling around Verona is an unforgettable experience because you can visit historic buildings like the ancient amphitheatre, built by the Romans. Furthermore, World-Heritage-Site status was granted to this city by the UNESCO, another reason to visit this place.
Near the historic center of Verona the Adige River crosses the whole city; this environment is very quiet and has a lot of beautiful romantic bridges where to take some photos. In summer season people usually go to the Arena, the biggest opera theater, at night. The Roman Amphitheater can hold up to 15,000 people in its facilities, where concerts and other important events are performed. Start planning your future vacations here in Verona right now and don’t lose this opportunity.
Many tour guides are available for tourists who visit this city. Verona is also known by its traditional delicious cuisine and wines; you can taste them at restaurants and trattorias. There is a wide variety of Veronese wines because the climate helps produce juicy grapes. These wines have a great demand because of their quality and flavor. A bottle of a Veronese wine can cost up to 30 dollars; therefore it is affordable for everybody.

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