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Yokohama The strategic and exotic position of the second largest city of Yokohama has endowed it with several significant attributes, which have made the city as a city to travel. The well developed picturesque city of Yokohama is encompassed with lush green forests, spectacular range of mountains along with breathtaking panoramic view of sea shoreline.Alike other any eminent city of Japan, Yokohama travel presents an extensive spectrum of points of interest or major attractions to explore. This spectrum incorporates historic relics as well as contemporary cultural resources and wonderful tourist attractions.The verdant forests, mesmerizing scenic view of mountains and wide coastlines have encompassed the city of Yokohama. Likewise other eminent cities of Japan the city of Yokohama provides the holiday makers with diversity of attractions amid the highly advanced city ambience as well as in the outskirt area of Yokohama.A number of temples, shrines, gardens and festivals in the city of Yokohama and in its itineraries attract the tourists worldwide. This city is equipped with extremely well panned transportation system. This system integrates Airports, Railways and Roadways system. This proficient transportation network of this city connects it with other parts across the country as well as the world.