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Vladimir is one of the oldest and most famous cities of Russia. It has a millennial history; according to the latest data discovered by the historians and archaeologists. Vladimir is famous for its unique cathedrals dating back to the XII century. Four of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.The geographical position of Vladimir makes it an attractive place for business development.  Some attractions which you can visit in Vladimir are The Golden Ring of the ancient Russian, The St. Demetrius’ Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Assumption or the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Golden Gate, the Trinity Church, the water Tower, the Church of St. Nicolas and many others tourist attraction that you can visit.But you can see more of Vladimir than only the famous churches and some museums that can tell you a lot about the history of old Russia. The same city provides interesting ideas of the provincial Russian life.Vladimir travel gives to visitors the option to enjoy a memorable touring experience, unforgettable impressions of the inimitable and majestic Vladimir landscape. And the city belongs to the so called "Golden Ring" of Russia and, consequently, presents a major international domestic and international tourism that waits for your visit.