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Verona is worldwide famous by its rich culture, heritage and ancient buildings, however people always closely link Verona to "Romeo and Juliet", a tragedy written by Shakespeare. Every year Romeo and Juliet’s houses are visited by a lot of tourists. If you are in Italy you should visit Juliet’s house, located near from Piazza Erbe at number 27 of via Cappello.
Ancient places where Shakespeare's tragedy took place are visible in this city. Tourists can visit the balcony where Romeo declared his love to Juliet as well as other areas in Juliet’s house which date back to the 13th century. Moreover, amazing, architectural features can be appreciated in Juliet’s house such as beautiful trilobate-shaped windows.
Traveling around Verona is an unforgettable experience because you can visit historic buildings like the ancient amphitheatre, built by the Romans. Furthermore, World-Heritage-Site status was granted to this city by the UNESCO, another reason to visit this place.
Near the historic center of Verona the Adige River crosses the whole city; this environment is very quiet and has a lot of beautiful romantic bridges where to take some photos. In summer season people usually go to the Arena, the biggest opera theater, at night. The Roman Amphitheater can hold up to 15,000 people in its facilities, where concerts and other important events are performed. Start planning your future vacations here in Verona right now and don’t lose this opportunity.
Many tour guides are available for tourists who visit this city. Verona is also known by its traditional delicious cuisine and wines; you can taste them at restaurants and trattorias. There is a wide variety of Veronese wines because the climate helps produce juicy grapes. These wines have a great demand because of their quality and flavor. A bottle of a Veronese wine can cost up to 30 dollars; therefore it is affordable for everybody.