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Venice is a city shaped over a hundred islands, where they built houses and apartments, which are interconnected with each other by pedestrian bridges. The city is made of canals to take the place of the streets and the water takes the places of traffic, boats take the place of the buses and the bridge takes the place of the subway. 

Visiting Venice is one of the best experiences ever, the streets are like mazes and the most interesting places of the city you can visit by walks or by the famous gondolas, it is also very interesting to visit historical monuments, theaters and shopping areas. Among the outstanding events we can mention: the regatta, art exhibitions, film festivals and the Biennial, musicals and famous carnival. All of these make Venice a place that can be visited any time of the year. Venice is full of restaurants and pubs. Some of them open till late, others have live music; others offer a mixture of beer and snack, there are also those that look like Taverns, and the Irish ones, of course. In Venice there is only one club which is Casanova and also the Municipal Casino of Venice, which is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. Venice, one of the most famous cities in Italy and the world, is a beautiful, interesting, romantic and enthralling place, these are some characteristics that make it one of the best options if you are in Italy.