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United States of America

The United States of America,A massive land mass of 50 states all with their own attractions and cultureWith 50 states to choose from all with their own attractions and culture, where do you start when you travel to the USA?  Flanked by 2 oceans with a massive land mass in between the options are too great.  Those who manage to travel beyond internationally known cities such as New York or Los Angeles will inevitably conclude that this is a country difficult to define or categorize. The U.S. population of nearly 300 million is as diverse as its natural landscapes and attractions, and every visit is almost sure to generate a different impression of what U.S. life is all about. Each of the 50 states possesses its own distinctiveness, from accents to foods to beloved sports pastimes.

The world's third largest country has sights as broad and renowned as the man-made structures of the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge, to the natural wonders of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Despite its refusal to fit within homogeneous confines, the U.S. is an economic and military powerhouse. Its sole superpower status draws a torrent of tourists through its borders every day. Travel to USA and choose to experience the vast plains of Texas, the majestic Rocky mountains, the glittering cities of New York and Las Vegas or the stunning coastline of California, this country has so much to offer the traveller one trip will not do it justice.