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Thailand,offers an almost infinite number of unforgettable travel experiences and tourist attractions; you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in beach resorts such as Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui or Ko Phi Phi; visit the ancient cities of Sukhothai and Ayuttahaya; receive an authentic Thai Massage or trekking to hill tribes in Northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai or in Chiang Rai. Thailand has something for everyone, whether you are an intrepid adventurer or you are seeking a luxurious vacation,last minute accommodation, Thailand has abundance of natural resources: white sandy beaches, coral reefs, clear-blue waters, islands, tropical jungles, high mountains, green fields. Outdoor sport opportunities abound: sailing, paddling, diving, and snorkeling over coral reefs; trekking to villages; riding the rivers or practice the classic martial art of Muai Thai. There is much for you to discover in Thailand. First thoughts of a holiday to Thailand have to be clear seas and pristine beaches, but the country has so much more to offer! From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to the party islands of Koh Phangan and Phuket, Thailand is a country which plays just as hard as it rests! Cheap flights can easily be found to this spectacular country,hotel bookings,