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The Tampa Bay area was inspected by many Spanish explorers, beginning with Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528. Even so, no long term permanent settlements were made until 1824 when the United States federal government made a reservation for north Florida Seminole Indians. At the same time, the United States made Fort Brooke to oversee the reservation as well as defend the strategic harbor.Tampa is located on the Tampa Bay's north shore in west Central Florida. St. Petersburg consists west of the bay, while Bradenton is on the southern shore. The city's downtown business centre is on the Hillsborough Bay's north shore (a small bay within Tampa Bay which is bordered by the eastern shore of Tampa Bay and the small peninsula of South Tampa) and Ybor City consists just to the east. MacDill Air Force Base is on the South Tampa's southern tip, while the city also widen to the north all the way to the New Tampa's newly incorporated area.The 1880s observed the town's 1st population boom. In 1883, phosphate was detected in the area, urging the development of the mining and shipping industries in the area. Briefly after, Henry B. Plant completed work on his railroad connecting Tampa to Jacksonville. He began promoting Tampa as a holiday spot and made-up the grand Plant Hotel as a luxury resort destination. In 1886, Jose Martinez Ybor opened Tampa's 1st cigar factory in Ybor City which encouraged the immigration of several Italian and Cuban factory workers.Tampa is placed on the West coast of Florida at 27°58'15?N, 82°27'53?W. It is edged by two bodies of water: Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, which both flow to form Tampa Bay, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The Hillsborough River (Florida) flows out into Tampa bay, passing directly in front of Downtown Tampa and providing Tampa with its principal source of water.