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Sucre - Bolivia's One and Only Capital City
Sucre is one of my favorite cities in Bolivia. It's totally colonial architecture is beautiful and it's everywhere. There's a large park across the street from the Supreme Court building where kids can "climb" a rusty replica of the Eiffel Tower. Everywhere you look the houses have European balconies, there are tons of antique shops where you can get European antiques that are hundreds of years old, and pay attention to the glass in many of the windows of the homes and buildings on the center plaza - many still have centuries-old French glass panes.
Other places to visit include the Recoleta at the top of the hill where the convent is to get a great view of the entire city and the cemetery which is gorgeous and where many of Bolivia's former presidents are buried. Little kids give you a complete tour with a history lesson to boot. Also, there are several cool bars and restaurants. I personally like La Tertulia which is kind of quiet and dark and a great place to have some coffee and a good read. Sucre has the cleanest market I've ever seen anywhere in Bolivia.
There are several beautiful colonial churches, lot of great architecture, beautiful parks and plazas, and really nice people. There is also a historical museum and the Casa de la Libertad, where the first Bolivian constitution was signed and there are several colonial paintings and documents on display. Lastly, visit the natural history museum where you can see pieces of pottery, weavings, and even mummies that are thousands of years old. Strangely, at night Sucre reminds me of Cuzco.
If you go to the main plaza in Sucre you can find the DINO TRUCK and take a day tour (it's only about 4-5 hours total) to the world's largest repository of dinosaur footprints ever found! CalOrcko. They'll have you there and back in 1/2 a day for about Bs. 50! (Unfortunately, in early 2011 a portion of this hill collapsed, taking with it a fairly large section of the prints).
Don't miss the museums in Sucre. Especially the Ethnographic museum where you can see mummies and all kinds of cool stuff. And at the weaving museum you can see people weaving on looms. by the way, Sucre is also Bolivia's one and only capital city. Here's why people mistakenly think Bolivia has two capitals.