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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. Built on 45 islands, water plays an important architectural feature in the city; it is often referred to as the Venice of the North or the Paris of the East. Within St Petersburg's geometry are a dust devil of influences and styles and a bewitching vortex of life's extremes.More than 500 bridges link the city, varying from narrow traverses such as the Lions and Bank chain bridges for pedestrians to giant drawbridges crossing the Neva River.  St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow. It is probably the only city in the world to have acquired so much historic importance in so a short a time. St. Petersburg is the only city where the styles of different epochs are so harmoniously fused.From the White Nights festival during the mysterious summer twilight to top theatre and ballet productions and concerts on magical winter evenings, St. Petersburg travel is a focus on the arts of Russia, palaces, cathedrals, fortresses, domes, spires, turrets, sculpture, painting and literature. The city is an open-air museum, with more than 140 museums. The Hermitage is most famous, three million objects collected from a span of ages, movements and nations. The collection represents the vastness of the country and its turbulent history.St Petersburg is also a romantic trip, the endless twilights of the famous White Nights, crowded with visitors who come to experience the dreamy sunset, along with music festivals and cultural events. St. Petersburg travel gives to visitors the option to enjoy sunny summer days, feel the first buds of spring, the delicious and brilliant sun of autumn and the brittle brightness winters.