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South Australia

South Australia - Wide skies and wildlife,accomodation,
South Australia’s 3816 coastline – 5067 km if the state’s islands are counted – offers a diverse series of landscapes, from the rampant – like cliffs of the Nullarbore to the wild Southern Ocean beaches of Kangaroo Island and the shimmering dunes and lakes of the, Common to all regions is an intoxicating sense of spaciousness: the bays, typically, are broad and still; the beaches long and lonely; the patchy native bush filters the light but rarely blocks the view, the hills are whitened, low-slung forms that flatten into wide ,rippling plains, the skies are vast; and the light translucent. Facilities are ideal for independent touring. Visitors come here for distant horizons, long roads, the fierce, untouched beauty of the landscapes and the challenges offered by outdoor activities such as deep-sea fishing, remote trekking and cage diving with white sharks. South Australia has what is often cheap hotel stay,referred to as a Mediterranean climate, attested to by the growing of Mediterranean –style produce-grapes, olives, fruit and nuts- in the fertile south – east. The far west, the Nullarbor, is arid and the best avoided in the summer months. great deals,The winter can be cold, particularly in the south, and especially onKangaroo Island, while autumn and spring are the best season for an extended,motels,