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Slovakia, also known as the Slovak Republic, is a charming Central European country with a colorful history. Its northern countryside is marked by the prestigious Carpathian Mountains, which extend across much of the northern territory. Slovakia's northern border with Poland is accented by the imposing Tatra Mountains and serves as a favorite skiing destination. Nearby, the beloved Krivan Mountain watches over the panoramic valley. Slovakia is home to the beloved Danube River, famously immortalized by the composer Johann Strauss through his celebrated Danube Waltz,cheap accommodation,

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is the country's largest city and serves as the cultural heart of the country. The city enjoys its many multi-cultural influences, and is brimming with many notable museums, art galleries, performance halls, and historic districts. In the Old Town district of Bratislava, the Slovak National Theatre hosts many popular operas, enchanting ballets, and dramatic productions. The Slovak National Museum, also in the Old Town, proudly exhibits its expansive numismatic and natural science collections. Bratislava possesses a unique shopping experience where you can find wood fired ceramics, hand carved woodcrafts, folk dolls in traditional clothing, traditional folk instruments like fujaras, and the famous corn husk dolls,getaways, 

Beyond the city you will find a plush landscape rich in history and undiscovered landmarks. Bojnice Castle, the national treasure of Slovakia, is renowned for its historical significance and has been used repeatedly for filming movies. A few miles outside of Bratislava, the ruins of the 9th century Devin Castle are not to be missed. The ancient medieval walls of Trnava served as the seat of the religious administration during 16th century. The city of Nitra, Slovakia's agricultural center, features the St. Emmeram Cathedral, the ruins of Hrad castle, and the ancient Drazovce church. Tour the 12th century Spis Castle, the largest medieval castle in the region,cheap motels

You can bike along Europe's longest cycling route, known as the Danube Cycle Trail. It extends from Passau, Germany, runs along the Danube River, through Bratislava and ends in Sturovo. Slovakia's many rivers and lakes such as Liptovska Mara, Zemplinska Sirava, and Sl'nava, provide abundant water sports including swimming, canoeing, rafting and fishing. For a spa treatment from Mother Nature, the Herl'any Geyser spews healing mineral water 100 feet up in the air every 33 hours. 

Getting around Slovakia is easy, as it has a well-developed transit system. You can hop on the Railways of the Slovak Republic and take an express train to any of the major cities and resort towns. Modern buses and trams run throughout all the major cities and offer an inexpensive way to see the sites. Taxis are cheap and readily available. Communication with the locals is not difficult as English and German are widely spoken.

Slovakia's climate is characterized by its dramatic geography. The mountains are perpetually cool and especially cold in the winter. The lowlands and valleys rarely reach beyond 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a perfect year round travel destination. From the majestic Carpathian Mountains, to the lush lowlands and historically vibrant cities, Slovakia is the highlight of any Central European excursion.