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The Borneo Island state of Sarawak is enormous, diverse and culturally unlike any other region of Malaysia. Twenty-seven different ethnic groups call this state home, centred around the elegant and always interesting capital Kuching. The majority of the state's 1.8 million inhabitants live in urban areas, however a surprisingly significant proportion continues to enjoy a traditional village lifestyle. From the intriguing colonial base Kuching, visitors can leap into Sarawak's main attractions: nature and adventure.

The list of adventure possibilities is as long as a Sarawak proboscis monkey's nose, beginning with river kayaking, climbing and hiking through the region's many forests. Visitors also have the unique opportunity to spend a day of interactive, up-close volunteerism with orangutans. The Heart 2 Heart program at the Matang Wildlife Sanctuary is the only place in the world where this is possible, and will be a highlight of your time in stunning Sarawak.

The Mulu Head Hunter's Trail is one Indiana Jones adventure after another, and takes you through some of Sarawak's massive forest areas. Part hike, part river cruise, the tribal history of the region includes the legendary headhunters of Borneo. You'll travel up river in fast boats, sleep in long houses festooned with skulls and experience the real world of the Iban headhunters.

Kuching is a brilliant city for walking and discovering yourself. You might like to begin at the Main Bazaar in the old town centre, where store after store stocks local art, antiques and handicrafts, and from there explore the waterfront before eating at one of the great small cafes and restaurants.