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San Diego

The world of the sea, on the shores of Mission Bay, is the nearest city and most respected link to the ocean and in many ways, Central identity of San Diego. The centre for numerous wildlife conservation programmes, as well as a source for public education, its name is now inextricably linked with San Diego.Historic communities as the Gaslamp Quarter, first commercial district of San Diego, and Little Italy, that once helped a Multi Million Dollar tuna industry, are now centres for performing and visual arts. Once a year, artists in the downtown sector open their studios and galleries to the public as a celebration of the artistic heritage of the area. Music is a general part of the heritage of San Diego too, it has become the theme for its historic Gaslamp Quarter festivals and the blues and jazz musician, Jim Croce, is a famous part of the city’s heritage. Home to dozens of cultural organisations, San Diego is one of Southern California’s biggest centres for the arts.San Diego was a commercial fishing port, this city is home to the Navy's Pacific Fleet, and is a favorite leave location for sailors. San Diego was established in 1775 as the first Spanish mission in California, but its reputation like a extraordinary North American travel destination owes as much to its history and multicultural status as soon as to its stunning location or arts scene. Considered the birthplace of California, San Diego began with a Spanish missionary called Father Junipero Serra in 18th-century. In 1769, Serra established the first of several Catholic missions on a grassy knoll, above what was later to become San Diego. By the beginning of the 19th century, Serra had established missions up and down the coast of ‘Alta’ and ‘Baja’ California (Upper and Lower California) what is now the west coast of the United States and Mexico. Presidio (‘The Fort’), as California’s first mission is called, remains a testament to San Diego’s Spanish origins.Sun, surf and excellent scenery are the characteristic that majority of visitors compare with San Diego. Nestled in the southern most corner of California’s coastline, the city is known with its sun year round and temperate weather during most of its winter months. Several travellers come here just to enjoy the warmth and verify what it is like to live in a Southern California paradise. Surrounded by long sandy peninsulas, San Diego provides the optimum setting for a vacation getaway. Pristine beaches, such as Coronado Island’s secluded waterfront and fashionable upper class shopping districts, ignoring the bluffs of San Diego’s ‘jewel’, La Jolla, are two of the unique characteristics of this city.