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Encircled by mountains and straddling the river of Salzach, the beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg has a dramatic setting that matches its own baroque splendour.

With its Alpine surroundings and UNESCO World Heritage historic centre - complete with cobbled streets, narrow alleyways, elegant squares and fabulous architecture - Salzburg really is just as lovely as the city portrayed in The Sound of Music.

Being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg has developed an incredibly rich musical life that would no doubt have made the great composer proud. The Salzburg Festival is considered one of the most important musical festivals in the world, and there are plenty of other festivals in the city. Salzburg puts on some 4,000 cultural events (most of them musical) every year.

And the city mixes high-brow and low-brow with ease. While an air of cosmopolitan sophistication hangs over the elegant shops, restaurants, lanes and squares of the Old Town, an altogether different, but just as interesting culture is encountered in the many Bierstuben selling locally brewed beer.