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Rome is the perfect combination of the modern and the classical, when one walks around the city on can see many museums, because most of the most famous painters like Carracci, Bronzino, Correggio, Miguel Angel and Raphael are Italian so their painting jobs are at the disposal of everybody in these museums. The History of Rome is very amazing; many people assume that Romulus and Remus were the ones who founded Rome, but this is only a legend, Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire prior to its fall, and this city has seen the boom of Romans. Currently, Rome can see the boom of fashion, because it's considerate as the fashion center of the world of course: after Paris, this is because Rome is the house of many Italian clothing companies which are characterized for making elegant, luxury, glamorous and avant-garde clothes. The eternal city of Rome is the place where the most eminent philosophers and scientists were born because Rome is the cradle of science, culture and of course, art. Since Rome has been founded, it has hosted emperors, kings, illustrious people and currently the most representative figure of the Catholic Church which is the Pope. Looking around Rome one can find some buildings like The Rome Coliseum or the Pantheon, the former is today considered one wonder of the modern world. To visit these places you will need to rent a car and so you can contact Rhino Car Hire Rome in order to make your experience the best. One really doesn't need much money in order to visit Rome; one can find competitive prices if one compare hotels in Rome.One can find a lot of information on the Internet, so that one has the most pleasant experience visiting Rome, one can find maps, information for travelers, places you should not forget to visit and clear information about Rome hotels where one can rest and be safe. Now you have enough information to make up your mind and go to Rome, good luck with the trip. Many people want to travel to Rome, but they think it's too expensive to take a trip but don´t worry: there are many agencies around the world which can offer Cheap flights to Rome. Rome has everything in order to have fun and learn more about the culture. If you decide to come to Rome, you will not regret it.