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Queensland The sunshine state The Queensland coast is world-famous for its extraordinary natural assets. The coast stretches 6973 km, a figure that doubles when the state’s 1955 offshore island are included. Two-thirds of the stat is classified tropical, the remainder subtropical. This translates into warm temperatures year-round and plenty of sunshine. The south-east, although heavily urbanized, has lovely stretches of untouched coastline, along with wild offshore islands. Despite heavy mining and farming activity, the middle section of the east coast has golden, palm-fringed beaches and pockets of forested foreshore. The tropical north is a tangle of dense rainforest edged by the trackless foreshores and remote waters of Cape York. Running parallel to the constant varying but singularly beautiful coastline is the Great Barrier Reef, with its brilliant underwater coral cities about 900 tropical islands.

The west coast, which is shaped by the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, is a remote and ecologically rich frontier territory of mudflats and mangroves, big rivers, huge skies and endless opportunities for fishing. Several million travelers each 

year experience theses wonders, and the state’s outstanding tourist facilities are famous as the scenery. The best time to visit is during the dry season (April to November) the main arrival point for air travelers are Brisbane, Coolangatta (Gold Coast) and Cairns.