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Phillip Island

Phillip Island To Wilsons Promontory top hotel deals
Phillip Island, one of Vitoria’s favourite holiday retreats, is well known to local and international visitors for its endearing little penguins, which waddle ashore nightly in their hundreds. Further east, the much 0loved ‘Prom’ protected within a national park for more than a century, I is renowned for its renowned for its untamed beauty and magnificent beaches. cheap hotel rooms,Wildlife is abundant in and around Phillip Island-there are little Penguins of course, but Australian fur seals, short tailed shearwater (which migrate from the Arctic annually to breed) and Koalas are just some of the other treasures. World –class breaks lure surfers to the island’s ocean coastline (Woolamai is legendary), families flock to the sheltered beaches in summer, the fishing is outstanding and coastal walks offer superb views. For history buffs, tiny Churchill Island has many echoes of its historic past. Heading east, the coastline encompasses rugged cliffs and long beach’s pounded by surf, sheltered inlets and small, secluded holiday towns such as Cape Paterson and Venus Bay. Anderson Inlet, Shallow inlets and the various marine and coastal parks are significant habitats for seabirds, waders and migratory birds. And there is some great fishing in these waters. At Wilsons Promontory National Park, or the Prom as it is affectionately   known, the southernmost tip of Australia’s mainland juts out dramatically into Bass Strait. Hotel reservation,cheap hotel rooms,

Around 130 km of pristine coastline is backed by craggy headlands, tall open forest, and rainforest gullies lush with ferns, a wealth of native wildlife and teeming birdlife. Excellent camping, walking, swimming, snorkeling, diving and wildlife-watching ensure the Prom’s continuing popularity.accommodation deals,
Phillip Island: The busting main street of Cowes dips down the hill to the sparkling waters of Western Port >ferries leave from the pier for Stony Point on Morning ton Peninsula, and historic French Island .Or you can cruise to Seal Rocks to see fur seals  sunning themselves- 10 000 or more in the summer breeding season. The pockmarked cliffs of Cape Woolamai headland are home to thousands of migratory short – tailed shearwaters, from late September to around May. These birds (now protected) were rationally killed and boiled down for fat-even when they are not around, you can detect their strong, fatty odour. The island’s dramatic southerly point is best appreciated from the Cape Woolamai Trail, a sandy cliff-top walk. Waterfowl, waders and seabirds flock to tiny Churchill Island, which can be reached by a bridge near Newhaven. Around Rhyll Inlet’s saltwater lagoons watch for spoonbills, ibis, cormorants and other waterbirds. Phillip Island has a beach for everyone, from the still, silvery waters of Silver leaves, near Cowes, to the white sands of Summerland Beach and prized surfing breaks at Woolamai. There is good jetty, beach and boat fishing, though the fisherman’s wharf at San Remo (just before you cross the bridge onto Phillip Island) is the place to stock up if the big one got away.hotel deals,
Penguin Parade: Every night at sunset, dozens of steely-blue little penguins ride in the waves , then waddle up Summerland Beach to their sand dune burrows. At the height of the breeding season around 4500 penguins come ashore. The little penguin ( Eudyptula minor) , at around 33cm tall the smallest of the 17 species of penguins, is the only species to breed on the Australian mainland, and attracts an international crowd of onlookers.lastminute hotel rooms,deals on hotels,

Viewing platforms ensure visitor do not disturb the penguins. Take warm clothes, and a book in advance during summer.