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Nowadays Novgorod connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Novgorod enjoys of stable economy and well established cultural relations with both capitals, and also attracts foreign investors. Its geographical location causes that Novgorod is one of the cities prospered commercially establishing. As a cosmopolitan city of wealth, it also became an important education and cultural center, reaching its peak in the 18th century when it was considered one of the most prosperous trade centres in all of Europe.Construction, restoration and renovation have helped the city recapture some of its past grandeur. There are about two hundred of culture and art institutions in Nizhny Novgorod. Some of then are exhibit in one of the most ancient and richest museums of Russia. It museum offers to visitors a unique collection of historic, cultural and art relics, that gave grounds to UNESCO to include Nizhny Novgorod in the list of 100 cities of the world which are of great historical and cultural value.A visit to Novgorod usually leaves guests with unforgettable impressions of the inimitable and majestic Novgorod landscape which can be appreciated by making a boat tour of the Volga and Oka River. Modern Novgorod is a center of Russian domestic and international tourism that waits for your visit.Novgorod or Nizhni Novgorod, it is Russia's fourth largest city, is an exciting city to live. Unlike Moscow and St. Petersburg, with their large numbers of westerners, Nizhni Novgorod offers insights into life in Russia's heartland. This Old Russian city has a rich history of almost 1000 years and this give to the visitor a combination of old and new city that you can enjoy.