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Norway is a long stretched country, reaching from an idyllic rocky coast with skerries in the south, to a wild and untamed meeting between land and sea in the north. The south coast is home to the Norwegian summer, the north is home to the Sami. Travel along the Norwegian coast and experience it all,last minute accommodation,

Life in the capital of Oslo, or the Hanseatic city of Bergen on the west coast, and life in a coastal fishing village in the Arctic seem like two different worlds. You can try both within a few days.

Fjords and mountains
On your way north you travel through untouched wilderness where the mountains dive hundreds of metres into the world famous fjords.

You see small farms spread out in the countryside, not clustered in villages like in the rest of Europe. Spend a night or two at one of them, and get to know a farmer. Farm holidays are very popular,hotel deals,

Midnight sun and northern lights
Further north you join wildlife safaris to see whales and eagles. During summer the sun never sets in Northern Norway, and in winter the magical northern lights light up the totally dark sky. Furthest north, you stand on the North Cape, the northernmost point on mainland Europe, and feel the breeze from the North Pole,motels,