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New York

New York is a city of superlatives. Besides being a world financial centre, the urban island of Manhattan teems with world-renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and venerable art institutions that makes New York one the world’s greatest cultural cities to travel to.

New York has always been a city of the world and its multinational, multicultural inhabitants infuse its concrete canyons with a buzz that is every bit as energising and electrifying as that depicted in countless films and TV programmes. With over 20,000 eclectic restaurants, 150 world-class museums and more than 10,000 stores brimming with brand names and bargains from across the globe, New York really does have something for every traveller. Away from the mayhem of the 24-hour urban hustle and bustle, New York also boasts the bucolic oasis of Central Park and the breezy park-lined Hudson River.

If you plod dutifully from point to point, nose buried in a guidebook, you'll miss half the fun. When you travel to New York you need to look up at the tops of skyscrapers, and you'll see a riot of mosaics, carvings, and ornaments. 

Step into the lobby of an architectural landmark and study its features; take a look around to see the real people who work, live, or worship there today.

Peep down side streets, even in crowded midtown, and you may find fountains, greenery, and sudden bursts of flowers. Find a bench or ledge on which to perch and take time just to watch the crowd passing by. New York has so many faces that every visitor can discover a different one.

Any time of year is a good time in New York although the best time is during the spring and Autumn. New York winters tend to bring cold temperatures but little snow here than to other nearby cities, while summers July to September are hot and muggy.