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Moscow is a peculiar city combining European, Russian and Asian traditions, the city is a fusion of both splendour and ugliness that is evident in the massive concrete slabs and high-rise apartments of the Stalinist era, and in the ornate churches, beautiful neo-classical houses, and the impressive architecture of the old city. Wide grey thoroughfares give way to narrow winding inner city streets, and golden church domes gleam between the looming skyscrapers. It attracts not only those eager to embrace new business and free enterprise.It is also a city of entertainment, the "Heart of the Arts", with theatres and the renowned Moscow Circus, museums, art galleries, the annual Jazz Festival, live music on the town, the Rendezvous in the Park, and summer theatre. It boasts the world's largest and most efficient metro system with gleaming stations deep underground, astonishingly decorated in elegant marble, glittering chandeliers and gilded works of art and magnificent mosaics. It is the soul of the new Russia and an intriguing mix of history and politics, business and culture. Moscow is a metropolis that can often overwhelm with monstrous-sized avenues, unbearable traffic jams, and a 24-hour lifestyle as New York or London that seems to exclude any peace and harmony. But behind that brash facade is a city where a visitor can find those quiet moments of serenity and beauty with a great place for those who love the outdoors like camping, mountain biking, fishing and skiing. Moscow is the capital of Russia located in the midle of the country and includes most of its territory. In Moscow is the Kremlin that would come to be the Russian place where the control has been taken during almost eight centuries in addition to being a religious center. The Red Square is the symbol of Russia and is considered like one of the most beautiful seats in Europe with its exquisite and colourful domes of the Cathedral of the Saint's Basil that for a long time has been associated with the Soviet Union in the minds of Westerners.