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Mombasa is one of the most exotic ports around the world, the city has a tropical climate, very hot and humid, April and May are the most rainy months, the rainfall is minimal from January to February.

Mombasa has a major port where commercial shipping mingles with traditional sailing dhows. The port links Kenya to the Indian Ocean. Traditional Dhows and ferries transport tourist and residents from Mombasa to the nearby mainland harbor. The port also serves countries like Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Mombasa is also home to the Moi International Airport, the second most important airport in Kenya; Moi is situated ten kilometers North West of the city.

Mombasa is a major tourist destination in Kenya, there are many interesting places to visit in Mombasa, including:Fort Jesus, built in 1593 by the Portuguese, stands as a testament of the tumultuous past of Mombasa. Today it is a historical monument and serves as a museum, where visitors can see the torture rooms and prison cells.

The Old Town, where you will find many examples of Islamic architecture, and learn about Swahili culture, meeting the local folks, buying antiques and tasting the Swahili food.

Pirates Beach is a public beach, where you can meet all kind of people and have fun.Biashara Street, located on the old part of the city, is where you can find kikoi, kanga or sandals being sold in small authentic shops.

Gedi Ruins, which are the remains of the ancient town of Gedi, built of rocks and stones.The Hindu Temple where one can check out magnificent carvings and ancient sculptures.

The crocodile farm at Mamba Village is another major attraction.Mombasa, lying on the Indian Ocean, is the gateway to the coast of Kenya, the city is the centre of the coastal tourism industry, and here you can find some of the most beautiful beaches and reefs in the world, where you can take a relaxing break. Beaches are just an hour or two from the city; you'll enjoy excellent snorkeling and scuba-diving, particularly in the offshore marine national parks.

Shopping in Mombasa is extremely recommended, you will find many markets, especially along the Moi Avenue and in Biashara Street, selling traditional wooden carvings, African crafts, textiles and other souvenirs, and most credit cards are accepted. Visitors should buy a kanga or kikoy, the kanga is the traditional dress for the Swahili women and other ethnic groups. Men wear a kikoi, which is a type of sarong.