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Matsumoto belongs to the Nagano Prefecture and is located 235 km. northwest of Tokyo, is a very quiet and peaceful area next in the Japanese Alps, is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and has also suffered fire destructions, nowadays the city has a modern look but it reamins its past with the castles that are still in the city and can be visited in guided tours.One of the main landmarks in Matsumoto is the Matsumoto Castle, also called Matsumotojo, was built between 1592 and 1614, considered a special example of japanese architecture, is one of the main touristic destinations in the country, this castle was also constructed in time of war, has many secret doors and is easy to get confused while visiting its passages.

Transportation facilities are many to get to the Matsumoto Castle, you can take the bus from Tokyo or if you want to go in train, there is one that connects Matsumoto to the Narita Airport. Accommodation is good enough in Matsumoto, there are two main hotels in the city: the Matsumoto Tokyu Inn Hotel and the Buena Vista Hotel.