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Lalomanu Beach

Lalomanu Beach on the southeastern tip of Upolu is one of Samoa’s most pristine beaches – it has “come and unwind in paradise” written all over it. But it’s not only made for basking in the sun on a stretch of endless white sand, cooling off in the blue lagoon or dozing off as a gentle breeze massages your skin… 

Lalomanu is a particular treat for those who love the creatures of the ocean. The translucent lagoon, all the way along the south coast to Lotofaga, is a protected marine reserve, teeming with a magnitude of tropical fish species. You can observe them armed with a snorkel and flippers or a scuba tank. For a rare treat of a less Piscean nature, you could head off to Namua Island just a little further to the north, and swim with the endangered green turtle in its natural ocean environment. South of Lalomanu there’s even more fauna to explore, including the seabird nesting grounds on Nuutele Island. If you’re into geology, from behind the hospital at Lalomanu you can take a short guided walk to an extinct volcanic crater – which happens to be home to a whole army of flying foxes. 

Lalomanu Beach is so addictive, chances are you’ll want to stay a night or three in one of the adorable open beach fales. If you’re in a hurry, then at least stay for lunch, a Vailima and wade knee-deep into the ocean.