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La Paz

La Paz - 2nd Highest City in the World
La Paz is where I spent most of my childhood. The city has grown immensely since then. El Alto was an empty plain with nothing but the airport and the tiny town of Viacha when I went to grade school and graduated from high school there. Good times!
La Paz has a lot of great museums and art galleries. Visit my friend Susana Castillo, one of Bolivia's most renowned artists. For a cultural experience, visit during February - Alasitas Fair and Carnaval. Buy and Ekkeko (the god of abundance) and load him up with miniatures of all the things you want him to bring you during the coming year (you can even buy a miniature visa! He he).
I love eating a salteña on the Prado at about 10 in the morning when the air is still cool and brisk, and a cuñapé with tea at 5 near Plaza Murillo (by the way at Plaza Murillo in the morning around 10 am you can see the changing of the guards at the government palace too).
The Montículo is an overlook in Sopocachi where you can take a walk through a small plaza high above the city and look out over it. It's a prime location for photos of Illimani, when it's not clouded over, which is like, almost always.
The Witches Market behind the San Francisco Cathedral is a definite must if you want to learn about weird traditions, like why dead llama fetuses are buried under new constructions.
A visit to Peña Naira at night for folkloric singing and dancing and drinks in a dark stuffy little room makes for one good evening.
One of the absolutely most bizarre tours in Bolivia is the San Pedro Prison Tour. I used to visit the prisons in La Paz with my mom as a child and it's heartbreaking. I can understand why this would attract tourists, but I personally believe taking this tour is hazardous. These tours supposedly don't exist any more after the combined stupidity of prisoners, guards and some very badly behaved tourists led to a prisoner mutiny (but actually they still take place).
A trip to the Valley of the Moon is a great day trip. Careful climbing around, the soil is soft and breaks away easily.
Mallasa is where the Zoo is located. You can also ride horses, but they're usually kind of old and saggy.
Laikakota is a park in Miraflores just a few blocks from the Stadium. It's built up on a hill in the center of the city. Has several playgrounds and you can't take better photos anywhere! From this vantage point, you have a 360º view of the city. It's one of my favorite photo spots!
I scaled the Muela del Diablo (Devil's Tooth) several times as a teen. It used to be a 6-hour climb. Now you can take a bus almost all the way to the top. At night the city lights look like a great big handprint from El Alto down to Calacoto.
Calacoto, in the southern half of the city, is an upscale neighborhood with lots of foreigners.  Now it's full of upscale discotheques, boutiques and stores, malls, gyms, movie theaters, and lots of other stuff.Sundays are soccer day. Catch a game at the stadium in Miraflores.