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Kericho and its surrounding region can be considered as the emerald of Kenya, it is a clean and beautiful town in the wet highlands of western Rift Valley. Kericho was named after a Maasai chief, Ole Kericho, who died there during a battle with the Gusii People in the 18th century. The town has a urban population of 30.000 and total population of 85.000

Kenya is the world's third largest producer of tea after India and Sri Lanka, and Kericho, located in southwestern Kenya, is the center of Kenya's tea market, the area is dominated by tea plantations, tea farms surround Kericho for many kilometers, the climate in Kericho is perfect for tea, with a high altitude and virtually daily rains.

Its town square has shady trees and flowering bushes, even is known as the Chai Square (Chai is the word for tea in East Africa). Other tourist attractions include the Holy Trinity Church, which has a small assembly of deceased planters; a war memorial and the streets with its oriental feel.

The highlands of Kericho are home of the Kipsigis (a pastoralist ethnic group), who are a part of the Kalenjin people, they practices farming and are known for growing tea. You will have breath-taking views of the vast tea plantations that cover the rolling hills.

Kericho is home to Africa's largest Gurdwara ("the doorway to the Guru", a Sikh place of worship), it is a monument dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest Sikh saints: "Baba Puran Singh Ji of Kericho", also called "Kericho wala Babaji", "Bapuji" or "Kericho wala". He is the founding father of the international charitable organization Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, which promotes the spirit and practice of selfless service (‘nishkam sewa’) in representation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the father of the Sikh faith. It is a place of spiritual significance.

Some comfortable and cheap places to stay, with nice rooms and good food, in Kericho town are: the Garden Lodge on Moi Highway, the Mwalimu Hotel on Moi Road and the Fish Resort, about 20 minutes walk around the town. The best hotel in Kericho is the Tea Hotel, located on the way to Nakuru, built in 1950's by Brooke Bond Tea Company; the hotel organizes tours of tea plantations and fishing sports. Mid-West Hotel, located on Kericho Road is another choice, but is overpriced.

There are many bars and discos in Kericho: on weekend nights, open the disco at the Mid-West hotel; behind Mid-West is the Urwa Inn with a pool table and Nyama Choma, here the entry is free, the beers are cheap and the atmosphere is nice, the Mwalimu Bar at the Mwalimu Hotel is also a great point.

Unilever Kenya is owner of the largest tea factory, it produces the popular Ketepa brand, and much of this tea is for export.