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Isla Margarita

This beautiful Venezuelan island Isla Margarita is situated in the southeast Caribbean Sea, near to Coche and Cubagua islands, in the northwest part of Caracas and the north of Araya peninsula of Sucre State. The trip from Caracas uses to last for some 35 minutes by air, if you prefer is possible to take a ferry in La Cruz harbor or Cumaná, from there the trip uses to last for a couple of hours. The island constitutes the unique insular state in the country; it is called New Esparta (Nueva Esparta), and has a privileged geographic situation and an especial free harbor condition.

It possesses all the characteristics of an important tourist center; for example, it has luxurious hotels, casinos, national and international food restaurants, boutiques and an attractive nightlife. All these attractions added to its tropical weather have made that this place be known as The Caribbean pearl among Venezuelan and foreigners tourists.

The island played an important role in the story of the Venezuelan independence. Later, it became an important trade center, which was developed thanks to the help proceeding from traveling foreigners, most of them from Spain. It offers to their visitors beautiful beaches of fine sands bordered by palm, traditional towns and very kind people.It constitutes one of the most important tourist destinations in Venezuela, it is a place where any activities can be done, besides this, it can be an interesting starting point to begin with to explore the rest of the country.