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Holiday Destinations & Places of Interest

Holiday Destinations & Places of Interest

Paros top hotel deals Out in the middle of the Aegean Sea, at a point where east meets west, where legend vies with history and where every summer land and sea battle against the strong etesian winds, lie the Cyclades, a cluster of islands whose name derives from the word”kyklos” or circle, because of the way in which they are scattered in a circle around the sacred island of Delos as if trying to guard it. The whole group of islands appears to rise up from the depths of the seaman impression which lends support to the argument that they are in fact protrusions of part of the seabed. Amongst them is the brilliant white island of Paros with its characteristics windmills, rounded church domes, beautiful stretches of beach and sparkling clear sea.lastbedss

The Island and its PeopleThe fourth biggest of the Cyclades Islands, Paros covers an area of 209 square kilometres and has a coastline that is 120 km long. cheap accommodation,The island is oval in shape and is dominated by a centra l massif  Ellias known as the prophet Elias, whose slopes incline gently down to the sea, forming a coastal plain all round it. Paros is situated almost in the middle of the island group, its nearest neighbours being Antiparos, Naxos, and sinos. The beaches are fairly evenly distributed around the island. In the northern part of Paros is the large Bay of Naoussa, with Parikia Bay to the north-west. Smaller bays are to be found at Alyki, in the south-eastern part of the island, and Kefalos on the east coast.Like the other islands in the Cyclades group, Paros is no longer covered by the thick forest which adorned the Island in ancient times, but the vines which produce the island’s well-known red wine have been preserved. In addition to the vineyards, fruit trees, olives, vegetables and grain are cultivated, as there is no shortage of water on the island.lastminute hotel rooms,

The green of the trees blends with the brilliance of the white-washed walls, the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the bright sun which bathes everything in its golden light. Even the narrow ally-ways have been trimmed by the island’s housewives with geraniums, bougainvillea and jasmine which impart s delightful fragrance into the evening air.The farmer too has sown a little wheat or barley in sheltered corners of the island to provide for his family’s needs. His pride and joy is his vineyard, and every year he makes his own wine in the tradional manner. The olive trees yield enough to last the year.It is a peaceful landscape. With the soft lines of the hills, the curving inlets, the low stone walls. The islander, too, is peaceful, totally at one with the setting. accommodation deals,

The fisherman with his loud, guileless laugh; the village woman with her demure greeting, the youngster with a wily adult air, the debonair priest-you will encounter all these on the island, and each of the harbours the warmth, optimism and gentility that are typical of the pariahs. They are sociable people with a keen business sense who have plied the length and breadth of the known world since ancient times, trading the famous Parian marble.The very location of the island in the middle of the Aegean has meant that it was a natural stopping-place for invaders seeking new conquests; as a result, the islanders have been subjected to many in fluencies throughout their long history. This is still true today, with the tremendous influx of tourists into the area. Nevertheless, somehow Paros has miraculously managed to preserve those distinctive features, which are c characteristic of the island, without isolating itself from the rest of the group. This can be seen in the truly island way they disport themselves at weddings, feast days and other parties and celebrations.The people of Paros warm the strangers without indulging in any kind of slavish adulation; visitors are welcomed and offered every hospitality. But above all else they have a great love for their island, and away from it they pine and long for hotel rooms