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Athens-City of past and present.
Geographically the city lies on the southern tip of the Attica with mountains on three sides and sardonic Gulf on the other. cheap hotel deals,While it is one of the oldest existing world capitals, the modern part of the city has largely been built since World War II. The urban sprawl of gleaming white house’s peters out into green suburbs reaching almost as far as the surrounding mountains and the western coast lastbeds
of Attica.Athens ( Athine) including the nearby port of Piraeus, has a population of over 3 million inhabitants. The city proper is cradled in a plain between the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, some four miles from the sea. The modern districts extend into Attica, bordered by Mt. Pentelicus ( Mt. Pentelikon),Mt. Hymettus ( Mt.Imitos) and the Saronic  Gulf. Apart from its historical wealth, Athens is a prosperous bustling city, with a galaxy of attractions. It has some of the most modern hotels in Europe, in addition to luxury hotel bookings restaurant, broad avenues, parkes, outdoor cafes, and sports grounds,The combination of ancient ruins and cosmopolitan modern centers keeps the visitor hovering between reality and fantasy until he reconciles the city’s long history with its living present which throbs with creative activity.For night Entertainment visit the picturesque tavernas, discotheques, cabaret shows, and numerous night clubs along the seafront. During the day there is the sea, with modern beaches with all facilities. In addition, you can hire yachts and boats of all kinds or take long or short cruises to the nearby island of the Saronic Gulf.Whatever your tastes are Athens has something to please hotel deals,The Flee Market, if you are looking for antiques at bargain prices the place to go is the “Flea Market at Monastiraki”,in Athens. This quaint old part of the city takes its name from the 10th century church standing in the middle of the square.hotel deals Monastiraki is particularly colourful and interesting on a Sunday morning. The side street leading off the square are lined with small shops selling Greek handicraft, brass wares, old icons, and an assortment of items ranging from second – hand furniture and clothing to valuable antique.Transport, Athens offers inexhaustible possibilities for excursions, long short, and visitors who prefer conducted tours have the choice of countless organized by experienced travel agencies. accommodation deals,Bus and trolley services as well as the underground serve the whole Athens area. lastbeds The Attica region too is served by frequent country bus deals,