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Fort Lauderdale

You will observe a total of twenty-three miles of white, sandy beaches around Fort Lauderdale, containing the one that apply its name. These beaches have acquired various awards such as the Blue Wave Beach award for cleanliness. Many of them are family very friendly, providing such features like picnic areas and play parks. The city itself is a beauty to see. Much work has been made in recent years to help establish it as one of the first tourist locations in the world. One example is the restoration of the shopping district called as Las Olas Boulevard. It has been established an old-world look, complete with gas lighting. The Riverwalk has been lined with bricks, adding to the class and style that already preexisted. As well, all around the city, magnificent landscaping using Xeriscape technology has given it an unparalleled feel without adversely affecting the water supply.Visitors can find a lot to do in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Commencing with beautiful beachfront along RouteA1A, travellers can grab a metal detector and look for buried treasures left by ancient mariners. They can move along Las Olas Boulevard, weave through Islas and canals where residents love their fancy homes and yachts, and explore treasures available in shops amidst upscale Spanish-style colonial galleries and boutiques.A pit stop at the Museum of Art repays to visitors with a beautiful collection of early 20th century American and European art. These new years, Fort Lauderdale has recreated itself. Fort Lauderdale Beach has experienced a $26-million renovation. You can eat lunch at cafes overlooking the water or visit shops along the beach.The city provides many alternatives for dining, entertainment, and shopping. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts offers many Broadway shows throughout the year. On Las Olas Boulevard you will observe a multitude of art galleries, eclectic boutiques, and sidewalk cafes. Dining alternatives range from Cuban-American cuisine to fresh seafood caught in the Atlantic Ocean.
Fort Lauderdale, called as the "Venice of America" due to its expansive and intricate canal system, is a city in Broward County, Florida, U.S. The city possesses a population over 170,000. Fort Lauderdale is situated in the geographic Center of the South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) Metropolitan area. Greater Fort Lauderdale is a place of contrasts, where modest beach hotels vie with elegant seaside resorts.
On South Florida's mangrove swamps, on the border of several pristine beaches, Fort Lauderdale is also called like the Venice of America. Though the European Venice possesses a lot more history and several monuments, Fort Lauderdale is likely just as popular with tourists, with over 3,000 miles of navigable waterways and miles of golden beaches, it's a beautiful destination. This city is Fort Lauderdale and it is not without worth that it makes this kind of moniker. Indeed, the surrounding beauty is a sight that leaves many first time visitors breathless and proceeds to awe and inspire lifetime residents.