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Cordoba is a city in Andalusia; it is also the capital of the province of Cordoba, it is located in southern Spain. This city has a rich history, and its importance has shifted many times through the epochs, for example:
During the time of the Roman Republic it was named Corduba and it was the capital of Hispania Ulterior.
When if became the Roman Empire, "Corduba" became the capital of Hispania Beatica.
Under the control of the Caliphate of Cordoba, they called it Qurtuba and it was the capital of the region.
In the 11th century, it was the most populous city in the globe and it was known as the world's intellectual capital.
Nowadays you can still see traces of the constructions of these days in the city. You can visit the attractions of the city, such as:the roman mausoleum, the great mosque of Cordoba, the church "Santa Marina de Aguas Santas," etc.