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Cairo the Triumphant town, While Al-Qahirah is the official name of the city, in Egyptian Arabic it is typically called simply by the name of the country, also is one of the world's largest urban areas and offers several sites to see. The city of Cairo is capital of Egypt and, close by, is almost every Egypt Pyramid, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza on the very edge of the town. But there are also ancient temples, Christian churches, tombs, magnificent Muslim monuments, and of course, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum all either within or nearby the town.
Cairo is the twenty first most populous metropolitan area in the world. It's also the most populous metropolitan area and the most populous town in Africa. Cairo provides great culture, including music halls and art galleries, such as the Cairo Opera House, as well it should, being one of the largest towns in the world. It also provides some of the grandest accommodations & restaurants in the world, such as the Four Seasons and the Cairo Marriott.
The town of Cairo is very famous for its own history, preserved in the fabulous medieval Islamic town & in Old Cairo & for the ancient, Pharaonic history of the country it represents. No travel to Cairo would be complete, for example, without a visit to the Giza Pyramids, to nearby Saqqara, or to the Egyptian Museum in the center of city. However the city of Cairo is one modern and ancient town.
Cairo has an incredible selection of shopping, leisure and nightlife activities. Shopping ranges from the famous Khan el-Khalili souk, largely unchanged since the 14th century, to modern air-conditioned centers displaying the latest fashions. All the bounty of the East can be here. Particularly good buys are spices, brass, silver, perfumes, gold, carpets and copperware, leatherwork, glass, ceramics and mashrabiy