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Kenya is the jewel of East Africa, revered as the "cradle of humanity", Kenya is a land with amazing landscapes: sand beaches, emerald water, and coral reefs in the coast; desert areas in the north, memorable mountainscapes such as the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya (the second highest peak in Africa). There are also many brilliant lakes, including lake Victoria and Lake Naivasha.

In Kenya you will enjoy a wide range of activities such as safaris, bird watching, mountaineering, climbing and many more. A safari in its more than 40 national parks and reserves is a unique opportunity to explore the most magnificent wildlife in Africa. just like Ernest Hemingway did some time ago.     

Kenya also has a fascinating cultural diversity with around 40 different ethnic groups, the major tribes include the Kikuyu farmers, the Turkana fishermen and the Samburu warriors, of them all, however, the most famous are the red-clad Maasai.

If you want an adventurous travel, Kenya is your ideal destination