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11 April 2012

Stanwell Park & Wollongong

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Stanwell Park and Wollongong cheap hotel rooms,
At the southern tip of the Royal National Park, just 54 km south of Sydney, the Southern Tablelands stretch to the Pacific Ocean. creating breathtaking coastal vistas. Headlands plummet into the water, broken by rocky and sandy coves. The historic beachside town of Stanwell  Park popular with hang-gliders. cheap hotel stay Wollongong is home to steelworks, copper smelting and other heavy industry and an international shipping port located at PORT Kemble Harbour. About 85 km south of Sydney, accommodation deals,the state’s third largest city spreads along narrow coastal plain, with the hills and forest of the Illawarra escarpment to the west. To the east lie 17 sparkling surf beaches, patrolled by lifeguards during the peak summer season. Port Kembla  Harbour offers great breakwater fishing for the landbased angler-mulloway, snapper, bream, luderick and tailor are typical hauls. cheap hotel stay,It may be heavily fished, but the shallow waters of Lake Illawarra also yield consistently reliable catches. Some of the region’s best fishing is just past Lake Illawarra, at Bass Point. The Bass Point Marine Reserve is recognized as a premier dive and snorkeling location. Port Jackson sharks, eagle rays.motels, last minute deals,Groper, giant cuttlefish and vivid mosaic of sponges, waving sea tulips and colourful nudibranchs are typical of the diverse ecosystem.

10 April 2012


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Victoria Southern Ocean Scenery - last minute deals

The Victorian coastline stretches for more than 1800 km washed by the powerful waters of the Southern Ocean and Bass strait. It takes in the wilderness coast and remote beaches of the state's far east,the sheltered lakes and inlets of Gippsland, the untouched bushland of Wilson's Promontory and wildlife have of Phillip Island.  One of the world's great touring routes,the Great Ocean Road,traces the coast west to the border with South Australia.

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Melbourne's magnificent Port Phillip is a haven for sailing and windsurfing,and the state has some of Australia's best surfing breaks,particularly around the famed Bells Beach area. A range of outstanding dive sites offers the change to explore the coast's rich and varied marine life. Fishing is plentiful right along the vast Gippsland coast,but particularly around the vast Gippsland Lakes district.  A network of National Parks provides excellent walking and cheap hotel stay,
camping opportunities along much of Victoria's coast.Wildlife enthusiasts should head to Warrnambool for the seasonal migration of southern right wales,consider swimming with dolphins in Port Phillip or visit Phillip Island for the world -famous little penguin insurance,

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